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Friday 24 January 2020


Court rules that a pancake is not a biscuit in pension dispute

Written by Sunniva Kolostyak

A Dutch court has ruled in favour of a pancake baker who refused to subscribe to the sector pension fund for confectioners as a pancake is not a biscuit.

According to, the pension fund for confectionery, Pensioenfonds Zoetwaren, had demanded that the pancake baker’s staff should be included in the fund, arguing that the company was a producer of biscuits and other confectionery.

The baker had organised his employees’ pensions through Aegon since 2000 and argued that he should not have to subscribe to the industry scheme.

Had he lost in court, the pancake baker would have been required to pay €8.5m in back-dated contributions. reported that in order to reach its verdict, the Rotterdam court went into details about the difference between a pancake (pannekoek) and a bisquit (koek).

Among other differences, the court discussed that milk is a primary ingredient in pancakes but not in biscuits, while pancakes are cooked on a hot plate and biscuits are cooked in an oven.

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