Spain’s Caser launches new retirement savings products

Spanish insurance company, Caser, has launched three new retirement savings products for savers that are based on age, through its Caser Pensiones arm.

The products known as Caser Generación as split into Generación 60, Generación 65 and Generación 70. They will follow a lifecycle strategy, where the level of risk is reduced the closer the saver gets to their target retirement date.

For example, Caser said younger savers will be invested in a higher proportion of equities, which changes to fixed income as people approach retirement. In addition, it said all the plans in the range include socially responsible investments.

Caser said savers can find out which plan is appropriate for them by their date of birth. For example, the Generación 60 plans is designed for people born between 1960 and 1964, estimating a retirement date of 2025 approximately.

The Generación 65 plan is aimed at participants born between 1965 and 1970, with an estimated retirement date around 2030. The Generación 70 plan is intended for people born after 1970, estimating their retirement date in 2040.

Caser said that with all the plans the contributions can be periodic.

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