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Sunday 26 January 2020


Ex-Renault CEO sues company for a €250,000 pension payment

Written by Natalie Tuck

Former Renault chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, is reportedly suing the car manufacturer over a €250,000 pension payment.

Ghosn, who is currently a fugitive after recently fleeing Japan, plans to file several legal cases against the company in order to try claim back money he forfeited following his arrest in 2018.

Le Figaro reported that the lawyers representing Ghosn argue that he is entitled to the money despite quitting as company chairman in January 2019. The case was submitted to the French labour court before he fled Japan.

He also expected to file a case demanding a pension worth €770,000 a year, as well as shares worth €15.5m.

In an interview given to the newspaper, Ghosn claimed that his resignation from Renault was a “farce”.

“I demand my pension rights and all the rights that are owing to me. Everyone knows in what circumstances I had to leave Renault. I was imprisoned . . . I will defend my rights as a person who has worked for many years and done much service and who has the right to a pension,” he stated.

Ghosn, who was due to go on trial for financial misconduct charges in Japan but managed to flee the country, with reports suggesting he left in a box. He then appeared in Lebanon.

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