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Wednesday 14 November 2018


German workers must save one fifth of income for pensions

Workers in Germany need the most savings in the world to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement and must set aside 21 per cent of their household income, according to Fidelity’s global retirement saving guidelines

Investors say growth dynamics and trade policies threaten portfolios

The biggest risks posed to institutional investors are the economic growth dynamics and US trade policy, according to NN Investment Partners’ risk survey on 100 institutional investors

Dutch fund APB supports human rights benchmark

The pension fund APB’s manager, APG, will incorporate the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB), which scores companies’ performance on human rights, in its investment decisions

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BNP Paribas planning ETV exercise for pension schemes in 2019

BNP Paribas is planning on undertaking an enhanced transfer value (ETV) exercise for its defined benefit pension schemes, it has revealed

Funds redesign operating models as DC becomes increasingly complex

Pension funds across Europe are redesigning their investment management operating models to tackle the impact of the industry’s gradual shift from DB to DC pension plans

APG invests €250m in sustainable infrastructure vehicle

APG, which manages the assets of APB and a series of other Dutch pension funds, has invested €250m in a Smart City infrastructure vehicle set up to pool pension fund investments

AP4 and UN-initiative call an end to tobacco epidemic

Swedish fund AP4 has joined forces with the United Nation-led initiative Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge to highlight institutions and investors who have committed to divesting from tobacco

EU’s part time workers may never receive occupational pensions – European Commission

Almost 40 per cent of people in the European Union are not in full-time employment and require more social protection, the European Commission said, opening the AEIP 2018 Annual Conference in Brussels.

Industry must achieve better pensions adequacy and sustainability

The pensions industry should pursue a balance between economic and social objectives to achieve adequate and sustainable pensions, participants at the AEIP 2018 annual conference debated

IORP II will open a back door, German association says

Implementing the new reporting requirements for funds will enable analogous risk management methods, the German pensions association ABA said during a government hearing

Latest Features

Still shining bright?

With Britain’s pension landscape in a state of transition, Talya Misiri

explores how the UK pensions landscape is being overhauled following the gradual shift from DB to DC pensions

An engaging idea

Stuart Anderson looks at the variety of ways available to help people engage with pension saving

Rewarding good behaviour

Getting people to put money aside for retirement is often a struggle against

natural human impulses. Andy Knaggs looks at what pension providers are

doing to give people the necessary nudge to save

The final frontier

European pension schemes are becoming increasingly attracted to the high returns and diversification benefits offered by frontier markets, says Alastair O’Dell, as long as risk is managed effectively

Laying the foundations

As the pre-choice for many in Sweden’s private sector, Natalie Tuck speaks to AMF press manager Jens Söderblom about its pensions, investments and how it is incorporating ESG

The fog clearing

Stuart Anderson considers the current efforts to remove the opaque nature of investment costs and improve transparency

The future is bright for UK pensions

Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion Guy Opperman provides an insight into the ‘quiet revolution’ in pension saving, the success of recent reforms and the DWP’s plans to further improve the sector

Under the spotlight

The methods and timeframes used to assess the strength of DB-sponsoring employers still need improvement, particularly in the UK, where attention on the covenant is at its most intense

Worth the risk?

David Whitehouse explains how pension fund investors’ sleepless nights over emerging markets’ volatility may be worth it due to the potential high returns

Diversification makes a difference

Theo Andrew catches up with European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) policy officer, Jana Bour, on why pension funds should be targeting real estate and the best solutions for Europe’s pension issues

A return on responsible investment

With the fund recently introducing new global equities indices focusing on ESG exposure, Natalie Tuck speaks to Sweden’s AP2 head of communications and HR Ulrika Danielson about the fund’s commitment to investing responsibly whilst securing positive returns

Leading the way

David Adams considers why Nordic pension funds are so often ahead of their European counterparts with their investment strategies, and not just with their consideration of ESG

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