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Sunday 18 February 2018


Spring Conference

Dutch pension investor APG has bought the data analytics team on sustainable investing from Deloitte Nederland


A sufficiently broad and innovative supply and giving members the right to shop around are essential in getting the most out of the Pan-European Personal Pension product (PEPP), the Dutch Association of Insurance and the Association for Premium Pension Institutions (PPIs)said in a joint advice to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union


Roughly 12,500 Finns were granted a partial old-age pension in 2017 in its inaugural year, according to the Finnish Centre for Pensions


Swedish pension funds AP2, AP3 and AP4 are among a $2.4trn investor coalition that is calling on food multinationals to provide more alternatives to animal proteins


Collective individual defined contribution (CIDC) schemes have the advantage over collective defined contribution (CDC) schemes, a study by the University of Utrecht has found


AXA IM has announced its intention to consolidate its European liability driven investment (LDI) teams, bringing its capabilities under one unit covering the UK, France and the Netherlands


The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) has backed the use of a life-cycling default option for the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP), following an academic study by the SDA Bocconi School of Management.

The study, commissioned by EFAMA, asked the school to consider consumer protection and the design of the default option of a PEPP


Dutch pension providers, schemes and insurers should no longer communicate about a fixed amount, but about three possible scenarios: standard, optimistic and pessimistic, according to Wouter Koolmees, Minister of Social Affairs


The support for the compulsory occupational pensions in the Netherlands is waning, according to research by Motivaction, carried out for Aegon


Employees who want to work past the traditional retirement age could be incentivised by being able to defer their state pension and receive higher benefits once retired


The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry reported a new all-time record at the end December 2017


The Netherlands continued to have the highest ratio of pension assets to GDP in 2017, with 194 per cent, it has been reported


Only 21 per cent of Dutch people believe they will eventually have saved enough for retirement, according to an international study by Mercer on financial security among over 8,300 people


The European Commission should avoid a “prescriptive one-size-fits-all” approach to its sustainable investment rules, according to Pensions Europe


The number of Dutch pension funds that can provide some indexation has increased during 2017, De Nederlandsche Bank has said


The European Commission’s code of conduct on withholding tax (WHT) could financially benefit pension funds, it has been said


Defined benefit and defined contribution schemes allocate an average 21 per cent of their fixed income portfolios to alternative credit strategies, according to Invesco


The current proposals for the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP), which could see existing IORPs as PEPP providers, entails a risk of “damaging existing well-functioning pension systems”


The financial situation of the five biggest pension funds in the Netherlands has improved slightly during 2017


Archimedes, the Dutch pension fund of oil companies Q8 and Gunvor, has transferred to multi-sector pension scheme PGB


Auto-enrolment could protect pensioners living in poverty at retirement, members of the Chartered Accountants Ireland have agreed


Norges Bank Real Estate Management and Prologis Inc has acquired a logistics property in San Francisco, with Norges Bank making the investment on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global


The level of hidden charges in investment management highlighted through the disclosure requirements of MiFID II has been blasted by investment consultancy, The Lang Cat


Around 42,000 Irish pensioners will not receive compensation for the income lost via the 2012 state pension loophole, the government has ruled


A pension fund for Members of the European Parliament has a deficit of up to €326.2m, it has been reported


The pension deficit of defined benefit schemes listed on the Irish Stock Exchange dropped by €1.4bn in 2017, Mercer has found


Allianz Global Investors has stopped accepting new fiduciary management clients in the Netherlands, as it could not meet pension funds’ requirement that their fiduciary manager must serve several Dutch clients


The Dutch Pension Federation expects further consolidation of the pension industry in the Netherlands, according to its policy agenda for 2018


Irish Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty and Sinn Fein Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald have called on the government to reverse the discriminatory 2012 changes to the state pension that had negatively impacted women


Pensions are expected to play a big part in the upcoming Italian election, which takes place on 4 March 2018


Trade union Unite has warned of industrial action over Irish Life’s plan to close its defined benefit pension scheme


Norges Bank has excluded nine more companies from the Government Pension Fund Global, for issues including severe environmental damage and human rights violations


A majority, 69 per cent, of pension funds believe members are concerned about environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues


Part-time retirement is not the solution to get older people to work longer, but will instead lead to a reduction in the labour participation, according to Raymond Montizaan of Maastricht University, who researched the possible effects of part-time retirement on the labour participation of older employees in the Netherlands


Pension fund ABP has decided to no longer invest in tobacco and nuclear weapons


New proposals for a Pan-European Pension Product (PEPP) show that tax harmonisation across member states is "highly unlikely”, but a specific tax treatment for the scheme could be implemented


Irish managed pension funds returned an average of 0.5 per cent in December, making up for losses in November


The CIE Group of companies is facing an €80m pension scheme deficit which could leave up to 10,000 pensioners in crisis


Aegon Nederland has called for the fast flexibilisation of the Dutch pension system, so that employees can better plan their financial future


The policy coverage ratio of Dutch pension funds increased from 98 per cent to 106 per cent in 2017, according to Aon. This is above the legally required minimum of 104.3 per cent


The added cost transparency and ban on commissions for independent financial advisers as a result of today’s MiFID II implementation will encourage greater use of low cost passive funds among retail clients, supporting the growth of ETFs, according to Moody’s vice president and senior analyst Marina Cremonese


ReisWerk Pensioenen, the €300m Dutch pension fund for the travel sector, is looking for a merger with a larger industry-wide scheme or a switch to defined contribution (DC)


Almost half of Dutch pension funds (42 per cent) have formulated a policy in relation to climate change, according to research among 38 pension funds carried out by the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) and AXA Investment Managers


The depreciation of the pound following the UK’s Brexit vote is the cause of such a small increase in occupational pension fund assets in the European Economic Area, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority said


Danske Bank’s Irish defined benefit pension scheme has taken out a €335m buy-in a ‘bulk annuity’ arranged by Irish Life Assurance


Almost 150,000 Finnish retirees took up the part-time pension in the 30 year period it was on offer, a new study has revealed


European institutional investors are targeting lower returns than their North American counterparts, but are much more confident about reaching targets, according to Schroders' research


Pension Bee, an online platform for pension savers, is looking to expand its business into the Irish pensions market, according to the chief executive Romi Savova


Dutch pension funds spent 0.45 per cent on asset management costs during 2016, according to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


The European defined benefit and hybrid occupational pension sector has, on average, insufficient assets to meet pension liabilities on the national balance sheet, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has found


Dutch annuities increased during the first half of 2017 from €756 to €787 a month, according to Aon


The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) has invested in financial technology firm iZettle, helping the company secure €40m


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, has made its first foray into Asian real estate by acquiring 70 per cent of an office and retail portfolio in Tokyo, for JPY 92.7bn (€694m)


Irish managed pension funds have achieved disappointing returns in November, suffering a 0.3 per cent decline over the month, failing to build on gains made in September and October


Average costs for Dutch pension funds stood at €115 per member in 2016, the same as in 2015, according to a report by LCP


Fewer employees in the Netherlands are saving for an occupational pension through a pension fund or an insurance company, according to data by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority is to announce the results of its 2017 Pensions Stress Test next week


The Irish government is reportedly expected to announce plans to increase the compulsory public sector retirement age to 70, an increase of five years


The French public sector additional pension scheme, ERAFP, has launched a call for tenders to award one action and two standby management mandates for hedging the foreign exchange risk of its assets


The new life expectancy coefficient will reduce pensions by approximately 4 per cent, the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has confirmed


Dutch interest group for independent contractors in the construction industry, Zelfstandigen Bouw, has summoned Bpf Schilders, the pension fund for painters, and the state to court over the compulsory participation of independent painters in the pension fund, if a mediation attempt does not succeed by 1 January 2018


ABP, the biggest pension fund in the Netherlands, will increase the pension premium from 21.1 per cent to 22.9 per cent in 2018


Sinn Fein has tabled an amendment to Ireland’s Social Welfare Bill 2017, in the hope of reversing pension changes made in 2012


Norges Bank Investment Management has outlined the reasoning behind its divestment of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global from oil and gas


UCITS and AIF registered net inflows totalled €57bn in September, down from net sales of €94bn in August, according to latest statistics revealed by EFAMA


The winners of the sixth Irish Pensions Awards were announced last night at a glittering gala dinner in the ballroom of Dublin's stunning 5 star Shelbourne Hotel


Two Dutch political parties, the liberal VVD and the Labour party, will ask questions in parliament about barriers in the Pension Law to a so-called carve out, the transfer of a part of the pension liabilities to another pension provider, such as an insurer


Pension schemes can achieve better results by rebalancing their investment portfolios less often and at less predictable times, according to studies by Dutch asset managers Kempen Capital Management and PGGM


Overseas pension funds are to be exempt from proposed tax changes to UK immovable property for non-residents of the UK


Norges Bank Investment Management has revealed its intention to divest the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) from oil and gas to reduce the risk of vulnerability of a permanent drop in oil and gas prices


Ireland’s Invalidity Pension, which is paid to people who are permanently incapable of work because of illness or disability, has been extended to self-employed workers, the Irish Examiner has reported


The Dutch pension fund of British American Tobacco (BAT) has cut its number of trustees from eight to six


Dutch Social Affairs Minister Wouter Koolmees will make arrangements with the pension industry to clean up very small pension pots of less than €2 a year


Romanians are now at risk of a decreased retirement income as a result of the government’s decision to cut the pillar II contributions to 3.75 per cent, PensionsEurope has noted


Ireland’s pension funds have consolidated the gains made in September with a strong performance in October


US firm Pfizer is to present its plans to freeze its Irish salary-linked pension scheme and introduce a new scheme to the Labour Court this weeK


A report considering the state pension anomaly in Irish law will not be presented to the Cabinet before its completion, Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty has announced


The life expectancy of Dutch 65-year-olds has decreased to 20.5 years in
2023, according to the latest figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)


Even the most sustainable pension funds in the Netherlands do not
invest in accordance with the Paris Climate Accord, according to the
pension climate label


The Irish Airlines Superannuation Scheme recorded a sharp fall in transfer values in just over a year, it has been reported


The Dubai Crude benchmark, known as the Dubai Fateh, can be construed as a “leading indicator” of asset-price bubbles in oil markets, new research has found


The number of Dutch pension funds with a coverage ratio whereby pensions need to be cut is decreasing, but cuts are still a possibility for around two-thirds of Dutch pensions, according to data from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


Over half of Dutch people, 56 per cent, want to work less in the years before their retirement, it has been found


Luxembourg domiciled funds reached €4trn, as of 30 September 2017, according to the Association of the Luxembourg Funds Industry


Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global returned 3.2 per cent in the third quarter of 2017, equivalent to NOK 192bn


Dutch pension fund ABP will invest over €330m in three solar parks in the United States, the fund recently announced


A number of Danish pension funds have been criticised for investing a combined NOK 144m in electric car manufacturer Tesla


The Swiss fund market remains clearly above the CHF 1trn mark, after initially breaking through the barrier in July for the first time


Seventy-two per cent of German institutional investors claim that safety is the most important factor when making investment decisions, according to research by Union Investment


The coverage ratios of the five biggest pension funds in the Netherlands increased during the third quarter following good investment returns


Denmark has dropped from an A to a B+ in the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index but has still managed to retain its top position in the table


Dutch pension funds are not investing in impact fund FMO, according to
director asset management of the Dutch development bank FMO, Yvonne
Bakkum. She thinks this is probably due to the strict mandates of
pension trustee boards, which would make it difficult to try something


Dutch pension administrators APG and PGGM have successfully completed the first phase of a joint experiment involving the development of a pension administration blockchain application


A new report has found that UK employers are “not pulling their weight” when it comes to sharing pension contributions with their workers, in comparison to European countries with similar DC systems


Ireland’s plans to introduce a 6 per cent rate stamp duty on all commercial property transactions will have knock on implications for the value of pension funds, the Irish Association of Pension Funds has warned


Dutch pension funds have assets of €1.224bn, of which €152bn (12.4 per cent) is invested in the Netherlands


The new Dutch coalition government plans to introduce individual pension pots and a move from average to age-related pensions accrual


The Irish government has committed to an increase in the state pension from next year


Young people in Finland have more trust in the country’s state pension system than older generations, new research has shown


The Belgian government has approved a measure that extends the second pillar of the pension system, the additional pension, to the self-employed, it has been announced


More than half, 57 per cent, of Dutch pension funds still has not set any
sustainability goals, it has been revealed


The average coverage ratio of Dutch pension funds increased to 108 per cent in
September following a decrease in August, according to Aon Hewitt


Irish managed pension funds returned 2.5 per cent in September, picking up after making losses in August and July


The proposed Pan-European Pension Product (PEPP) could be available across Europe by 2019, it has been suggested


The increase of the Irish state pension age from 65 to 66 in 2014 had little impact on the retirement rate of those retiring at the age of 65


It is unjust that the differences between the higher and lower
educated in the Netherlands are not taken into account when
determining the state pension age, according to accountancy bureau


The Swedish national pension agency has called for an overhaul of the country’s pension system, following the Falcon Funds debacle


The policy coverage ratio of 52 Dutch pension funds was under 100 per cent at
the end of the first half year of 2017, data by regulator De
Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) shows


A third of Finnish retirees now consider working in retirement, the Finnish Centre for Pensions has found


The UK's Brexit bill could rise by £10bn in order to address the pensions of retired European Union civil servants, it has been announced


Swiss citizens voted against reform in a referendum on Sunday in the country, with 53 per cent of voters rejecting the proposal


Eight in 10 Irish citizens with a pension are not confident that they will have enough income to fund their retirement, according to Friends First


The outcome over this weekend's Swiss pensions reform referendum is uncertain as the public is evenly divided on the issue, says a leading academic


The Irish Government is to publish a its plans for pension reform before the end of 2017


Bedrijfspensioenfonds Landbouw (BPL), the Dutch pension fund for the agricultural sector, has lost a summary judgment initiated by pensioner association MijnLandbouwPensioen


Dutch pension funds mimic each other when it comes to buying and selling government bonds, according to research by regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


The Maltese government has published rules on tax incentives to encourage the take up of pension schemes of occupational pension schemes


Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has reached the one trillion dollar mark for the first time


Two Finnish pension websites are trialling a live web chat service where users can ask customer service staff their question on pensions


The quality of the risk management of mortgage investments by Dutch pension funds varies, according to research by Dutch regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


The Danish pension fund ATP has agreed to purchase a stake in Copenhagen Airports, subject to regulatory approval


The average coverage ratio of the Dutch pension funds fell back to 106 per cent in August, after an increase in July


Irish people should receive the state pension at the age of 70 in order to protect the economy, it has been said


There is a gap of 450 lei across Romanian public social security pensions between different regions, the Agerpres has reported


Western Europe is second to North America, for having the highest average ratio of pensions underfunding to revenues, according to research by MSCI


The new Dutch pension system will not result in a higher demand for older employees, according to research by Willis Towers Watson among 68 organisations with a total of 320,000 employees


The number of pension funds in the Netherlands has fallen from 1060 in 1997 to 268 in 2017, according to figures by regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


Norway’s Government Pension Fund has been ranked as the world’s second largest pension fund in 2016, with total assets of $893,088m, Willis Towers Watson has revealed


Dutch pension funds and insurers will soon be able to bundle small pension pots rather than paying these out. The Dutch government hopes that the new rules will be introduced from 1 January 2018


If a flexible state pension age would be introduced in the Netherlands, no one would be able to retire more than a year earlier than they currently can, and the uptake will be minimal because most people do not want to live on a social minimum income, the SEO Economic Research has found


The number of Irish members of the defence forces retiring due to injuries or disability rose considerably in 2016


Danish pension fund ATP has revealed it is to increase the active ownership of its investments, Reuters has reported


Ireland’s social protection minister Regina Doherty is to call for a €5 weekly state pension increase in budget negotiations with finance minister Paschal Donohoe, it has been revealed


The Czech pension fund Penzijní Společnost České Pojišťovny administered savings in the tens of billions, according to the Prague Daily Monitor


Half of Dutch SME employers (51%) and 63% of SME employees are in favour of lowering the state pension age to 65 again, according to a poll of news programme EenVandaag and SME Netherlands among 600 employers and 9,000 employees


Dutch pensioners who have worked in Germany are receiving a lower retirement income due to a new tax treaty


Pressure to raise pension contributions by 4 per cent in Finland would increase in a stagnated wage growth scenario, analysis has found


A total of €3.4m has been paid in pension lump-sums, split across 17 Irish judges who retired in the past two years, according to The Times


The Dutch employers and unions do not yet have an agreement on the pension system and labour market


Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), the Dutch pension fund for the health sector, is actively pursuing the seizure of assets of directors and health institutions who are paying no or too little pension premiums


The Swiss fund market has broken through the CHF 1trn barrier for the first time, following an increase of CHF 30bn (3 per cent) over the month, latest statistics have revealed


Pension funds have been warned of the risks of poor standards of food safety, antibiotic use and environmental management in the Asian meat, dairy and seafood sector, which threatens investments


Pensioner society ‘MijnLandbouwPensioen’ is seeking a summary judgement against Dutch pension fund Agriculture (BPL)


Variable annuities are off to a slow start in the Netherlands, as it is only offered by a handful of providers and few people choose a variable retirement income, Dutch daily newspaper Financieele Dagblad writes based on research by Focus Orange


Ireland’s Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty has also hinted at a rise in the state pension in the next budget


Existing cross-border pension and insurance contracts are at risk from Brexit, as companies may be left with a “stark choice” of either breaking the law or promises to customers due to Brexit, the Association of British Insurers has warned


The European Commission has expressed its concerns over Poland's plans to reintroduce a different retirement age for men and women in the country


Irish managed pension funds lost an average of 0.6 per cent in July, according to Rubicon Investment Consulting.

Based on its funds calculator, Standard Life had the best performance with a loss of 0.3 per cent. Davy Asset Management was the worst performer over the month, losing 1 per cent


The average policy coverage ratio of Dutch pension funds increased by 2.1% in the second quarter of 2017 to 101.9% at the end of June, but the coverage ratio of 37% of funds are still below the legally required minimum, according to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


The pension fund of Dutch regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has fully focused its investment policy on covering its liabilities


The deadline for entering the annual Irish Pensions Awards has been extended to 11 August due to phenomenal demand


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, has acquired a 100 per cent stake in a property in central Paris


The Dutch pension fund of Avery Dennison has appointed NN Investment Partners as its new fiduciary manager, the fund announced earlier this week


PensionsEurope has welcomed the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority’s plans to streamline the reporting of pensions information to the regulator


Design and consultancy firm Arcadis has announced it is moving its Dutch pension fund to Het nederlandse pensioenfonds, the general pension fund of insurer ASR


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has launched a consultation on its proposals to streamline the reporting of occupational pensions information


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, has acquired a 100 per cent interest in a Berlin office building


Employees of the Irish Independent have accepted the decision to continue contributions to the company pension scheme until 2023


There is no noticeable difference in the level of returns achieved by Dutch pension funds following an active investment strategy and those investing passively, according to research by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


French workers in their twenties will need to save 26 per cent of their salaries in order to secure a retirement replacement rate that current French retirees enjoy


Early retirement for employees in tough manual labour jobs would cost the Dutch government between €125 to €200m a year, according to research by the Economic Institute for Construction (EIB)


Dutch pension fund ABP has bought 48 infrastructure projects for around €700m, the fund has announced


Norway has maintained its position as the top performing country in a global retirement index for the second year in a row, it has been revealed


Dutch employees in manual labour jobs find it increasingly difficult to continue working until retirement, it has been revealed


More than half (52%) of Dutch people do not save for an additional
pension, according to research by asset manager BlackRock


Financial education barely has an impact on the pension choices of Dutch consumers, it has been revealed


The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) has published a MiFID2 Best Execution Guide to take a practical view of the implementation of Directive’s requirements


Seventy per cent of Danish people do not know the cost of their pensions, according to research by PensionDanmark


Ireland’s mandatory retirement age should be abolished and all workers should be required to join a pension scheme, the Citizens’ Assembly has advised


The value of Ireland’s public sector pensions are worth between €2.4m and €3.7m, The Irish Times has reported


Earnings-related pension insurance companies Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company are to merge at the beginning of 2018, it has been revealed


The Finnish Centre for Pensions has launched a Facebook-based campaign on earnings-related pensions


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, has purchased a stake in a property in Washington DC, USA


The abolition of the so-called mean premium in the intended new Dutch
pension system will become cheaper because of the low interest rate,
the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) has calculated


The European pensions industry has welcomed the European Commission's proposals to introduce a pan-European pensions product (PEPP)


The European Commission has revealed its plans for a Pan-European Pension Product (PEPP) designed to give savers across the Union better options when saving for retirement


Less educated people in the Netherlands retire more than a year later than higher educated individuals, according to research by Raymond Montizaan of the Research Centre for Education and Labour market of the Maastricht University


Ninety five per cent of European pension funds haven’t considered the financial impact of climate change on investments, Mercer has reported


The four biggest Dutch pension funds are investing a total of almost €250m in French energy firm Engie, which owns the controversial Belgian nuclear plants Doel and Tihange, according to Dutch news programme EenVandaag


The European Fund and Asset Management Association has appointed William Nott as president for a two-year term, it has been announced


The winners of the tenth annual European Pensions Awards were announced last night at the highly anticipated annual gala dinner at the prestigious Millennium Hotel, London Mayfair


Two thirds of divorced women in the Netherlands (69 per cent) do not discuss
the division of retirement savings during the divorce, according to research by Motivaction for, the Dutch website providing individuals with a personal pension overview


The minimum retirement pension is to increase twice before the end of the year, the Bulgarian parliament has decided


European cover ratios for defined benefit pension schemes “remain a concern” for a number pension funds, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has said


The pension fund of Dutch daily paper De Telegraaf has offered to sell
its equities in Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) to the Belgian Mediahuis,
which wants to take over the Amsterdam-based publisher


A Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) should have minimum investment periods to ensure it is truly a long-term product and allow providers the benefits of being able to invest long-term, according to Insurance Europe


Almost half of Dutch freelancers (43 per cent) are not saving enough for
retirement, according to the Economic Statistical Bulletin (ESB)
published on Thursday


The Social Welfare and Pensions Bill will be detrimental for employers seeking to maintain their defined benefit pension plans, Ibec has said


A third of Finnish people who are in receipt of a partial old age pension are not working, according to data released by the Finnish Centre for Pensions


An unnamed German pension fund has awarded AEW Europe €100m of equity to be invested in commercial and residential real estate


PensionsEurope has provided a framework for a modern pensions solution that draws on necessary features of a good pension system such as adequacy, sustainability, reliability and efficiency


Cross-border funds’ automation rates reached new highs of 86.7 per cent in the last quarter of 2016, the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) has found


The Dutch pension fund for the healthcare sector, Pensioenfonds Zorg
en Welzijn (PFZW), has lost €1m due to the bailout of Spanish bank
Banco Popular


The Swedish government has appointed Cardano to advise on the structural overhaul of its pension system


Luxembourg-based subsidiary La Mondiale Europartner has agreed to transfer its existing book of international pension plan business to Zurich Eurolife S.A.


Pensions Europe has set out six key principles for ensuring good member outcomes in defined contribution schemes, in a new report, published today


The average gender pension gap in Europe has risen to 40 per cent, Mercer has reported


Auto-enrolment pension provider Smart Pension has received an investment of millions of pounds from one of Norway’s wealthiest families


The Irish government has refused to back down on its plans increase public servants’ pension contributions


Self-Employed Construction is suing the Dutch pension fund for
painters BPF Schilders. The interest group demands that the pension
fund no longer obliges freelance painters to join the fund and pay


Dutch pension funds should take an example from insurers when it comes
to investments in Dutch stock-listed companies, according to the
Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp


Ireland's largest pension provider Irish Life will be closing its defined benefit pension scheme despite having a €150m surplus


ASGA Pensionkasse has awarded Stafford Capital Partners a $100m mandate for investments into timber and agriculture


A case study on Denmark’s retirement system has highlighted the importance of frequently reviewing and updating retirement systems, the World Economic Forum has said


A new Dutch pension system needs to continue to be based on compulsory membership of collective pension funds, but with more options for individual members, writes the Pension Federation


Dutch pension funds expect to overcome their financial difficulties through high investment returns, according to the recovery plans of 181 funds with a deficit, which De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) reviewed in the past months


The Irish government has formally informed trade unions that it wants some public service staff to make higher contributions to their pensions


The Danish government has scrapped plans for an increase to the country’s retirement age, according to reports.

The reported that the country’s Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen announced the plan to increase the retirement age from 67 to 67.5 would not go ahead because he would not be able to secure a parliamentary majority


Four in 10 entrepreneurs and directors are sometimes kept awake at night by how their own or their employees’ pension has been arranged, according to recent research by non-profit foundation Decision Makers Survey (DMS)


Dutch pension fund ABP has increased its investments in fossil fuels by €2bn last year, despite its ambition to increase its sustainable investments


Irish Solidarity Teachtaí Dála have criticised the current Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s high pension entitlements


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has launched its second pension stress test for schemes across the European Union


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, has in partnership with The Crown Estate acquired three properties in central London


The French public service additional pension scheme, ERAFP, is tendering a €200m real estate mandate


Pension administrators need to transfer pension records as completely
as possible in case of a pension transfer and should retain them much
longer than the legal term of seven years, the Dutch pension ombudsman
Piet Keizer recommended in his annual report of 2016


European and French small caps were the top performing funds in 2016, Lyxor Asset Management has revealed


The French national pension fund for the self-employed (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse des Professions Libérales) has selected Societe Generale Securities Services as its custody services provider


Dutch pension fund ABP is on track to reach its concrete objectives for sustainable investing by 2020, according to its Sustainable and Responsible Investing Report 2016


Public sector employees in certain pension schemes should make larger contributions into their scheme, the Public Pay Commission has suggested


The average coverage ratio of Dutch pension funds increased by 1 per cent in April from 104 per cent to 105 per cent


The European Commission has announced that a new three-year temporary exemption from central clearing of OTC derivatives for pension funds


The Dutch pension fund for the health sector, Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), has started investing in green bonds over the past year


Swiss pension funds and insurance companies are being given an opportunity to participate in a modelling programme to gauge their alignment to the sustainability target of keeping climate temperature changes below 2 degrees, as outlined in the Paris Agreement


Public sector workers could pay considerably more in pension contributions if unions maintain that the final value of their pensions must be untouched, the Irish Independent has reported


The policy coverage ratio of Dutch pension funds increased by 2.2%
during the first quarter of 2017 to 99.7%, according to regulator De
Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


Young people will probably have to pay for older people for decades
more to come under new Dutch pension plans, believes Jan Berghuis,
employee chair of Dutch metal pension fund PMT


The shortlist for the 2017 European Pensions Awards has been revealed


A report by Better Finance on pension savings has been criticised by PensionsEurope for comparing “apples and pears” as it does not differentiate between retail products and pension arrangements in the second pillar


Over half, 54 per cent, of working adults in Ireland do not have a company pension scheme available to them, new research has found


The cost of paying pensions to retired public sector staff in Ireland is now €3.3bn, a government report has noted


The coverage ratios of the five biggest Dutch pension funds have increased slightly during the first quarter due to the higher interest rate, the funds’ Q1 results show


Former chair of PensionsEurope and current board member Joanne Segars is to step down from PensionsEurope to pursue a portfolio career


The pension fund for the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) has signed a concept agreement to appoint Kempen Capital Management as fiduciary manager from 1 October 2017


A majority of institutional investors believe Brexit will be hard and many UK-based financial firms will establish subsidiaries in the European Union such as Malta


British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap General Election to be held on 8 June 2017, which those in the pensions industry have said throws UK pensions policy “up in the air”


The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global returned 3.8 per cent (NOK 298bn) in the first quarter of 2017, Norges Bank Investment Management has revealed


The Dutch Social Economic Council (SER) advocates personal pension
pots, where members find out the level of retirement income only ten
years before retirement


Bulgarian centre right party GERB has agreed on a minimum monthly pension amount with the United Patriots coalition of parties, BTA has reported


Over £150m of the Northern Irish policing budget has been paid to officers under the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) injuries scheme, the Irish News has found


Irish pension managed funds returned 0.9 per cent during March, according to Rubicon Investment Consulting


AGP will carry out the pension administration for the Dutch pension
fund for architecture firms from 1 January 2018


Dutch ship chandler Terneuzen Bonded Stores (TBS) and pension fund Foodservice disagree over whether the company is obliged to pay into the fund


Pfizer Ireland employees that are members of union Siptu have settled a dispute with the company to allow 35 new entrants to access its defined benefit pension scheme


Sweden’s AP1 Fund has invested $250m into a new environmentally focused fund launched by Osmosis, a sustainable investment manager


Oil trader Vitol Anker has liquidated its Dutch pension fund and
transferred the pensions to Belgian insurer Integrale in Luxembourg


The retirement income from the average Dutch DC pension pot has risen
from €687 to €756 in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to
Aon Hewitt’s Pension Comparison Tool


It is of “paramount importance” that the pension rights accumulated before and after Brexit of EU and British beneficiaries are protected, Pensions Europe has said


The Greek government will reportedly cut pensions by up to 1 per cent in 2019 as part of an EU bailout deal, Reuters has reported


A good pension in the public sector “no longer” true and a “draw for staff coming into employment” the Irish Department of Transport has reportedly said


Dutch pension fund PME will expand its sustainable investments as it
aims to sustainably invest 10 per cent of its assets by 2021


For the first time in ten years the average retirement age of Dutch
employees has not risen


Germany is to increase its state pension by 3.6 per cent from July 2017, Reuters has reported


There have been 3,600 applications to receive the new partial early old-age pension over the month of February, the Finnish Centre for Pension has revealed


The French public service additional pension scheme, ERAFP has acquired an office space in Amsterdam through LaSalle Investment Management


Small Dutch pension funds still have plenty of room to achieve substantial economies of scale, according to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)


Sixteen new financial institutions have joined Dutch pension fund Stichting Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds Zorgverzekeraars (SBZ), which opened up its membership to other parties last summer


German airline Lufthansa has reached an agreement with its pilot’s union on pay and pensions


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has launched an engagement survey on the idea of a pan-European occupational defined contribution framework


The average coverage ratio of Dutch pension funds increased from 103 per cent to 104 per cent in February, according to Aon Hewitt’s Pension Thermometer


Pension funds are not obliged to distribute a voluntary one-off employer contribution among the employees of all the companies that are part of the fund, the court in Amsterdam has decided


It takes a total of 10 workers to pay one persons’ pension in Greece, experts have said


UK Chancellor Philip Hammond has left UK pensions largely untouched in his Spring Budget, which although welcomed by some has been described as a “missed opportunity” by others


The UK government is to introduce a 25% charge on transfers to Qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes (QROPS) from midnight tonight, the UK Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced in his Spring Budget, in a bid to crack down on tax abuse of foreign pension schemes


Poland is planning on launching a reformed pension system from the beginning of 2018, The Warsaw Voice has reported


The Dutch pension fund of Bavaria will be liquidated and the pension arrangements will be moved to the APF of Central Beheer Achmea, the pension fund has announced


Pension fund Butchers is allowed to continue its ‘provisional pension arrangement’, judges decided in an appeal brought forward by Dutch regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), who wanted the fund to adjust the arrangement


Norges Bank Investment Management has revealed the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global returned 6.9 per cent in 2016, equivalent to NOK 447bn


Pension funds within the euro area had a total of €2,446bn in assets in the third quarter of 2016, the European Central Bank has revealed


Due to strong demand, the deadline for the European Pensions Awards has been extended until 10th March


Dutch pension fund Meubel has appointed IT company Centric as its pension administrator


The Dutch government should share the financial burden for the supervision of pension funds, the country’s Pension Federation said in a letter to the Dutch Ministry of Finance


Sweden’s AP1 Fund returned 9.3 per cent in 2016, equivalent to a net investment income of SEK 27bn after expenses, it has revealed


Emergency legislation is needed to protect private sector defined benefit pension schemes, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions has said


World Pensions Council director general Nicolas J. Firzli examines why for European pension funds, the election of President Trump, could offer "remarkable opportunities"


Europe’s five largest pension funds have €7.5bn invested in companies with activity in and around illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories, Danwatch has claimed


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has said it is going to take a more active role in supporting the authorisation and setting up of cross-border IORPs


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) is to explore profit sharing products for the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP)


A €450m annuity transaction has been agreed between a leading global corporate and AXA France Vie on an Irish defined benefit pension scheme, Business World ie has reported


Allowing people to draw their state pension two years earlier or five years later will increase the Dutch government’s pension costs in the short term, according to calculations by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB)


A correction of the actuarial interest rate is needed to create more stability in the Dutch pension system, according to Dutch pension fund PMT CEO Benne Van Popta


Estimations of the European Union’s €63.8bn pension liability are “burdened with considerable uncertainty”, according to think tank Bruegel


Swiss pension funds need to adjust their asset allocation to avoid the threat of a funding shortfall, according to the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA)


The German government is making provisions to equalise the pensions gap between East and West Germany by January 2025


Dublin Bus staff and members of the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union, (SIPTU) have announced their decision to take industrial action over pension issues


European policymakers must act now to tackle the “unprecedented challenge” of the pensions strain that the union faces, according to Insurance Europe


The Irish Pension Bill, as proposed by Fianna Fáil, has been voted for by 82 votes to 51, defeating the government, RTE reported


Over 35,000 people had their pensions cut as a result of changes to the state pension in 2012 by the previous Irish government, Age Action has reported


Danish state pension fund ATP has announced a gross investment return of DKK 15.3bn before tax and expenses, following a “turbulent year”


Irish TDs are set to debate a bill that looks to give greater protection to members of defined benefit pension schemes tonight, 7 February 2017.


European head-quartered companies are paying over two times more per employee into their UK pension schemes than FTSE350 counterparts, Barnett Waddingham has found


French public service pension fund ERAFP has updated its shareholder engagement guidelines and its policy for voting in general meetings to reflect the changes to its SRI charter


Norwegian oil firm Aker BP has reported surprisingly higher-than-forecasted fourth quarter earnings as a result of a change in the company’s pension scheme, Reuters has reported


Dutch pension fund Philips Pensioenfonds gained 10.2 per cent on investments over the course of 2016, despite a 2.8 per cent loss in the last quarter


Net inflows into UCITS and AIF assets dropped by €40bn in November 2016, according to the European Fund and Asset Management Association


Croatia’s mandatory pension funds (OMF) returned more than 5bn Kuna last year, according to the Association of Pension Funds


Those in the industry wanting to apply for the European Pensions Awards have just over three weeks left to apply with applications closing on the 24 February 2017


For the first time Finland and Italy have been featured in a study of the top 22 countries for pension assets by Willis Towers Watson


Norges Bank Real Estate Management has sold three logistics properties in San Francisco Bay on behalf of the Norway Government Pension Fund Global


Shrinking month-end liquidity pools have left European pension funds most at risk, a panellist at a summit in Luxembourg explained.


The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global has revoked its exclusion of American arms manufacturer Raytheon Co


A plan to reduce the pensions gender gap has been agreed by Sweden’s pensions review committee Pensiongruppen, the Swedish government has revealed


The combined deficit of defined benefit pension schemes in listed companies of Ireland’s Stock Exchange soared by 50 per cent to €4.5bn in 2016


Ireland’s Republican Party Fianna Fáil has revealed that it will propose legislative measures to stop solvent businesses closing their defined benefit pension plans


The European Commission is seeking to amend regulations around EU derivatives reforms that could wipe €3bn off European citizens’ pensions every year


Maltese pension fund Falcon Funds is facing a criminal investigation in Sweden after the Swedish Pensions Agency claimed it had been unable or unwilling to pay 2.4 billion Swedish Kroner (€247m) of savings to 22,000 investors


Pensioners in Finland have enjoyed an income uplift of a third in the past 20 years, the Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK) has reported


UK trustees need to take IORP II implementation seriously, despite Brexit, explains the UK's Society of Pension Professionals chairman of the European sub-committee, Tony Bacon


Ireland’s leading pension provider with over one million customers, Irish Life, has said it is willing and ready to invest in social housing projects, the Irish Independent has reported


The Credit Suisse Swiss Pension Fund Index reached an all-time high at the end of December 2016


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) has claimed that proposals by trade unions for milder pension reforms would cost an additional €1bn


Finland’s earnings-related pension reforms have taken effect with pension accrual rates changing immediately


French public service pension fund ERAFP has awarded a private equity portfolio management and infrastructure mandates


Tata Steel’s defined benefit pension scheme closure could compromise jobs at German steelmaker Thyssenkrupp, it has been revealed


Romania’s parliament has approved tax breaks for pensioners that will come into force next month, EurActiv has reported


Polish nationals will have to work for 15 years or more in order to receive a pension according to a list of recommendations to the pension system reform the government has been preparing, the Warsaw Business Journal


Norges Bank Investment Management has appointed Geir Oivind Nygard as its new chief investment officer for asset strategies in Norway


Ireland’s Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar has confirmed his plan to review retirement rules early this year, Breaking News Ie has revealed


The Polish Senate will continue to consult on the law that decreases the pensions of soldiers who started to serve during the Polish People’s Republic period, Polish Senate speaker Stanislaw Karczewski has said


The “slow but steady” introduction of digital technologies into the European pensions sector does not come without its risks, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has said


Greece is in a standoff with its lenders over the government’s plans to hand out pensioners a Christmas bonus, Reuters has reported


Greece is paying public pensions "at the level of the richest European countries", the International Monetary Fund has claimed


A Seanad amendment to the Social Welfare Bill 2016 to prevent profitable companies from winding up workers’ pension schemes has been discarded, the Irish Examiner explained


Any Irish Gardai that go on strike should not be allowed to accrue any extra pension benefits for five years, according to former chairman of the Labour Court John Horgan


The National Union of Journalists has highlighted that discussions concerning the closure of Independent News and Media’s defined benefit pension scheme remains a ‘secretive process’, has reported


Former Dutch armed forces veterans and civilian personnel are to go to court over government pension changes that will leave them with a pension shortfall


Member states within the European Union have two years from today to implement the Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision II (IORP II) directive into national law


Pensions scheme operations are a matter for the trustees of the particular scheme, Irish politician Enda Kenny has said when challenged about the government’s protections for pensioners when schemes are closed down “on a whim”


Irish building firm Seabuild has been spared a criminal conviction despite taking money from employees’ wages and not investing it into their pension scheme, the Irish Examiner has reported


The French public service pension fund ERAFP has revealed that it is revising its social responsible investment charter


Italy has voted a categorical ‘no’ against constitutional change in a referendum which could have major implications for Italy’s economy and further afield


Protests over the closure of Independent News & Media’s defined benefit pension scheme are anticipated ahead of an extraordinary general meeting tomorrow, The Irish Independent has reported


Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global should increase the equity share in the fund’s strategic benchmark index to 75 per cent, according to Norges Bank


European pension plans to do not see Brexit as promising anything resembling a happy ending, according to research by Amundi Asset Management and Create-research


Independent News and Media (INM) has been informed that its decision to wind up its defined benefit pension scheme is not justified on legal or moral grounds, the Irish Times has reported


An open letter has been launched to encourage Norway’s biggest pension fund ,Oljefondet, to divest from a company running Australia’s offshore detention camps


The winners of the fifth Irish Pensions Awards were announced last night at a glittering gala dinner in the ballroom of Dublin's stunning 5 star Shelbourne Hotel


The Irish government has been urged to stop “sitting on its hands” and address the mismanagement of defined benefit schemes across the industry


The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that former Trinity College Dublin lecturer Dr David Parris should not have the right to leave his pension to his same-sex partner


Greece’s civil servants and seamen are holding a 24-hour strike to protest against planned reforms to labour laws and threats to their pensions, Reuters has reported


Tens of thousands of Nazi war crime suspects have been able to continue to receive disability pensions regardless of a law passed that revoked this right, the Associated Press has reported


Automatic enrolment within Ireland is a priority but it will take time to “get right”, according to Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar


The majority of European countries have recorded increased underfunded pension ratios from 2015 to 2016, MSCI has revealed


The National Union of Journalists has called on Independent Newspapers, Ireland, to withdraw its proposed closure of the company’s defined benefit pension schemes


Ireland’s defined benefit pension scheme deficits soared by more than 160 per cent during the first nine months of the year, LCP Ireland has revealed


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, has acquired a 100 per cent interest in a property in London


The Swiss Farmers Association (SBV) and the Swiss Trade Association (sgv) have issued a joint proposal regarding the debate on the 2020 pension reform, Business 24 has reported


Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has confirmed that the life expectancy coefficient for 2017 will fall to 0.96344 from 0.96800


Finnish state pension fund VER’s investments returned 4.4 per cent from 1 January to 30 September 2016


The Irish government is failing women who have been affected by Irish state pension band changes, according to Sinn Féin


Donald Trump’s presidential victory this morning has brought with it a somewhat stunted reaction by global markets


ERAFP, France’s civil service pension fund is considering entering into repo transactions with the European Central Bank to turn savings into capital gains


European pension funds report varied criteria that they prioritise when selecting new investment managers, a study by Market Strategies International has revealed


One of the founding fathers of the European monetary union has criticised central banks, including the European Central Bank, for their use of zero interest rates in a bid to stimulate growth


Mirova and Natixis Asset Management, as well as 17 other international investors representing over €5trn in assets under management, are leading a call seeking an unlimited moratorium on oil and gas activity in the Arctic high seas


Finland’s earnings-related pension index will rise by approximately 0.6 per cent in 2017, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has confirmed


Maltese pensions should be index linked to strengthen the purchasing power of pensioners, the Alliance of Pensioners’ Organisations has said


The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global return fell by 0.41 per cent in the third quarter of 2016 and was down 3.73 per cent in the year to date, it has reported


Assets managed by the world's largest 500 asset managers fell in 2015 for the first time since 2011, latest research published by Willis Towers Watson has shown


The Bank of Ireland’s pension deficit has increased by €0.25bn in quarter three, reaching €1.45bn


French public service additional pension scheme ERAFP has launched a tender for one or more consulting firms specialised in evaluating climate change risks and opportunities


Unlisted equity investments and private equity funds generated the highest returns at Finnish pensions company and private investor Varma


Danish pension provider ATP has revealed it has returned 12.3 per cent in the first three quarters of 2016, equivalent to DKK12.5bn


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has concluded that the Statement of Investment Policy Principles (SIPP) is primarily used as a supervisory tool for identification of risks and compliance checks of the Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provisions’ (IORPs) investment policy


Denmark and the Netherlands have been ranked as the top two countries in the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index


The capacity for longevity risk transfer deals is set to increase due to the introduction of ‘sidecars’, Prudential Financial has predicted


UCITS registered inflows totalling €49bn in July, up from net outflows of €10bn in June, according to latest statistics revealed today by EFAMA


A Pan-European Personal Pension Product should have a "long-term perspective in its investment policy" to better reflect the long-term nature of retirement savings and must include a number of flexible features to ensure success


Immigrants working and living in Finland face a lower retirement income than Finnish nationals, according to the Finnish Centre for Pensions


The Central Bank of Ireland has enforced a €1,150,000 fine on Capita Life and Pensions Services for conducting unauthorised business


The European Fund and Asset Management Association has updated its responsible investment report with the publication of a new paper


Belgium’s government has agreed to a bill that will relieve cross-border pension schemes from taxes, the International Adviser has reported


Bayerische Versorgungskammer, Germany’s largest public pensions group is understood to be the leading bidder for the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in west Dublin, The Irish Times has reported


Dutch pension fund manager APG Asset Management is in the final round of negotiations to purchase a majority stake in three malls owned by the Xander Group’s Virtuous Retail, the Business Standard has reported


PensionsEurope has warned that solvency capital requirements would have “significant negative consequences” at national or EU level as it revealed the Norwegian government has plans to introduce solvency rules


Individuals in Ireland whose income is acquired from “unearned” sources such as rent and share dividends risk losing state pension entitlements under a glitch in governmental rules introduced in 2014, according to The Irish Times


Irish pension funds declined 0.3 per cent on average in September, according to Rubicon Investment Consulting


The Irish pensions sector is “at a crossroads” due to low interest rates and state pension amendments, the Irish Association of Pension Funds has stated


Finland’s pension contributions are the second highest in Europe according to a forthcoming study, the Finnish Centre for Pensions has reported


Norges Bank Investment Management has decided to revoke the exclusion of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd from the Government Pension Fund Global


The Irish Constitution may need to be altered to safeguard a new universal pension scheme from future government interference, has reported


The Irish government has confirmed its plan to increase the old-age pension by €5 in this year’s Budget, according to The Irish Times


Following the Greek parliament’s approval of new austerity measures, Labour and Social Insurance minister Giorgos Katrougalos has said that he is aiming to “isolate” the International Monetary Fund and its stringent views on pensions and labour relations


Danish pension funds, PFA and PKA, have formed a consortium with private equity firm Axcel to invest DKK 4.25bn in Danish Ship Finance’s A shares, securing Danish ownership of the company


Swiss citizens have voted against increasing the basic state pension by 10 per cent, according to Expatica


Age Action Ireland has called for the government to increase over-65s state pension by €5 a week.

The organisation has argued that the rise should be on top of this year’s Budget agenda and is in line with the commitment made in the Fine Gael manifesto


Norges Bank Real Estate Management, on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, has acquired a 47.5 per cent interest in a property in Washington D.C, USA, it has revealed


Twenty four EU member states and the European Parliament have called on the EU Commission to postpone the application date of the PRIIPs Regulation


Ireland’s Republican Party Fianna Fáil’s leader Micheál Martin has voiced the need for meaningful increases in the state pension at its think-in in Co Carlow, according to the Kildare Nationalist


Investment fund assets worldwide increased by 4 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, according to the European Fund and Asset Management Association


Pensioners in the Czech Republic will receive CZK 300 more a month starting from 2017, Radio Prague has reported


Members of the European Parliament have called for changes to the legislation on Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs)


PensionsEurope has said it rejects the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority’s proposal for the mandatory use of the common framework balance sheet as a risk management and transparency tool


The Central Remedial Clinic’s (CRC) employees have announced their plans to strike over their pension entitlements, regardless of the Irish government’s decision to grant them access to a public service pension scheme


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has outlined seven good practices with regard to the use of different communication tools and channels to communicate to members of occupational pension schemes


Net sales of UCITS rebounded to €71bn in the second quarter of 2016, from net outflows of €7bn in the first quarter, according to the European Fund and Asset Management Association


Finnish pension funds will find it “difficult” to meet their return levels in the coming years, according to the Financial Supervisory Authority, otherwise known as Finanssivalvonta or FIN-FSA


Europe will have to save an additional €2trn a year, the equivalent to around 13 per cent of EU 2016 GDP to close the pension savings gap, Aviva has reported


Eighty-five per cent of European pension funds failed to respond to members urging them to support climate resolutions at ExxonMobil’s AGM


The European Fund and Asset Management Association has said UCITS equity funds suffered a “severe drop” in sales in June 2016 due to the Brexit vote in the UK


Assets under management of the largest pension funds in Europe grew by 3.6 per cent in the five year period up to the year-end 2015, according to Willis Towers Watson


Pension funds and insurance companies and other non-bank financial institutions are dominating the currency trading market, according to a new survey


The European Parliament has delayed the regulatory technical standards for Priips


France's pension scheme for civil servants, ERAFP, has revealed the proportion of fossil fuels in its portfolio is already aligned with that advocated by the International Energy Agency for 2030


Liquid alternatives and private debt are the asset classes likely to benefit most from Brexit, new research has shown


Chief executive of ATP Carsten Stendevad has announced his decision to resign from his position and return to the US for family reasons


Norway’s largest life insurance company KLP returned 1.7 per cent on the value of its customers' assets in the second quarter of 2016, it has announced


The Pensions Authority has established a new Regulatory Intelligence function, supporting the Authority’s compliance activity by focusing on the accuracy and integrity of data being submitted by regulated entities


The Irish Pensions Authority secured convictions in 22 cases in 2015, with a total of €38,890 in fines being imposed relating to contribution payments


In the first half of 2016, PensionDanmark has returned almost DKK4bn less than it returned in the first half of 2015


Alecta, the largest occupational pensions provider in Sweden, has suffered losses on both its defined contribution and defined benefit products, it has announced


The Swiss investment fund market has topped CHF 900bn following an increase of around CHF 20bn or 2.2 per cent month-on-month, latest statistics have revealed


Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global returned 1.3 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, it has announced


Irish political party Fianna Fáil wants to see a €5 weekly increase to the state pension


Germany should raise its state pension age to 69 by 2060 according to a report by its central bank, Bundesbank


The Czech Republic sent pensions from the Czech Social Security Administration to 87,588 recipients in 87 foreign countries at the end of last year according to Prague Monitor


Approximately 80 per cent of institutional investors across Europe plan to increase or maintain their involvement with European real estate over the next two years, according to new research by Aquila Capital


The total deficit for Ireland’s large Iseq 20 companies has rocketed by 97 per cent from €3bn to €5.7bn in the first half of the year


New legislation will be required after staff at the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) were told they can move to a public service pension scheme following the collapse of the charity’s private plan, according to The Irish Times


Minimum earnings to receive a full contributory state pension may rise from €38 to €70 per week in Ireland, according to RTÉ News


Former Irish President Mary McAleese was paid a pension of €137,749.14 in 2015, the Irish Department of Finance has revealed


Italy’s Enasarco pension fund, for sales representatives, has said it will not invest in Atlante, the fund created by the Italian government to rescue banks


Adepp, the Italian association of 19 sector-specific pension funds, has raised concerns at the price at which the Italian bank rescue fund Atlante 2 has agreed to buy the bad loans of Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank


Bavaria is to sue Volkswagen over losses to its state pension fund in the wake of the emissions cheating scandal, according to the Associated Press


The deadline for entering the annual Irish Pensions Awards has been extended to 10 August due to phenomenal demand


Denmark and the Netherlands possess the most “superior pension systems” out of eight global diversified pension markets, according to UBS Asset Management


Pension savers will now be able to receive a 30 per cent tax free lump sum on retirement, Malta's Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) has confirmed, iExpats has revealed


The mayor of Amsterdam has put pressure on Dutch pension fund ABP to withdraw its investments in coal, oil and gas companies due to concerns about irreversible climate change


A pension contribution of €2.1m has reduced the profits of Shannon Airport in Ireland to €300,000, down from €1.6m in 2014


Adepp, the Italian association of 19 sector-specific pension funds, has decided to invest €500m in a new fund called Atlante 2, backed by the Italian government and designed to buy non-performing loans


The Spanish state paid out €300m a year to almost 30,000 Spanish citizens in 2014 who have been officially registered as deceased, according to El País


Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global has sold its 45 per cent stake in two US properties for US$43.8m and US$47.5m respectively


James Walsh explores the advice given in EU Commissioner Jonathan Hill’s exit speech


Cyprus’ President Nicos Anastasiades and three members of his cabinet are among a few state officials who have waived their state pension


The European Central Bank has announced it will keep interest rates on hold as “expected” by many in the industry.

It means interest rates on the main refinancing operations and on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility will remain unchanged at 0.00 per cent, 0.25 per cent and -0.40 per cent respectively.


Zola Sookias explains the importance of investment education and training for DC plan members


Western Europe has dominated the Natixis Asset Management Global Retirement Index with seven of the top 10 from the region


Norges Bank Real Estate Management has acquired 100 per cent of the long leasehold interest in 355-361 Oxford Street in London on behalf of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global


Irish workers without pensions are to be automatically enrolled into a new scheme with the option to opt-out, according to the Irish Independent.


A European Union court has ruled that the European Commission failed to prove that Germany’s contribution to Deutsche Post’s pension scheme constituted illegal state aid that had to be repaid, according to Reuters


The Bank of Ireland's pension deficit has hit €1.2bn as a result of Brexit, it has announced


Amsterdam's efforts to regenerate the oldest part of the city including the red light district have received a €60m boost following investment by two Dutch pension funds


The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has today launched a consultation paper looking to change the phase-in period for central clearing of OTC derivatives applicable to financial counterparties with a small amount of derivatives activity under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation


Norges Bank Investment Management has excluded two companies from the Government Pension Fund Global for being at risk of “serious violations of fundamental ethical norms"


The Brexit result has forced some of the world’s largest pension schemes to issue emergency guidance to retirees and has warned that some members could see cuts to their benefits


Asset managers have voted MiFID II and Solvency II as the most important regulations for them this year, according to Accudelta


The UK’s decision to leave the European Union had a knock on effect for Irish pension funds as they declined 1.6 per cent over June, according to Rubicon Investment Consulting


The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has reaffirmed its support for a Pan-European Personal Pension Product that should be regulated by a second regime for personal pensions


The Polish government has revealed its biggest shakeup in its pension system in almost 20 years


Only a fifth of pension professionals are confident when it comes to their pension funds' asset and liability valuations

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