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A completed entry will include:
1. Entry Form
2. 150 word company profile
3. 1000 Word Submission
4. Company Logo



1. European Pensions Consultancy of the Year 
Awarded to the pensions/investment/actuarial consultancy firm that the judges believe has delivered outstanding service to its pension fund clients in the last year, has shown a dedication to the delivery of pension scheme consultancy in its respective market, has demonstrated a superior understanding of the market's needs and has shown a commitment to helping clients through the pensions maze. Enter here

2. Investment Manager of the Year
This award will recognise excellence in investment management at one of the most challenging times in European pensions history. When rising longevity rates coupled with investment market turmoil has put the pressure on investment managers to perform, innovation, dedication, sophistication and foresight have become the essential tenets of any investment manager hoping to succeed. Enter here

3. Equities Manager of the Year
This award will celebrate those managers who have led the way in managing equities in the past 12 months. The winner who is finally chosen will be the firm that has proved itself to be the most exceptional player of all entrants in the industry with its excellence in managing equities, and has proved itself truly invaluable to European pension funds today. Enter here

4. Fixed Income Manager of the Year
European pension funds rely on fixed income for a reliable revenue stream, and as a result the fixed income market is now as diverse and sophisticated as any other. This award will recognise managers that offer a real specialisation in this key area and can offer their European pension clients a variety of solutions to meet the ever changing market conditions. Enter here

5. Alternatives Investment Manager of the Year
As alternatives play an ever greater role in the majority of European pension fund portfolios, this category aims to reward the leaders in the provision/management of alternative assets - be they an expert in multiple alternative assets or a specialist in any particular area. The winner will be the nominee that has proved itself the best of the best in this field and has shown a commitment to the European pensions market with its product offerings. Please note we also have separate categories for property and private equity. Enter here

6. Property Manager of the Year
Property has gained true recognition as an essential asset class for pension funds across Europe seeking to diversify their portfolios, with managers seeking out returns from both the traditional and less accessible property market across the world. This award will recognise those managers that have proved themselves in the field of property investment, have shown innovation in their product offerings, and have displayed an excellence and consistency in their management of this diverse and exciting asset class. Enter here

7. Infrastructure Manager of the Year
At one of the most challenging times in pension fund investment, Infrastructure is now being taken seriously as an asset class among European pension investors. We recognise those players that understand this complex asset class and are working hard to help pension funds reap the potential rewards. Enter here

8. Private Equity Manager of the Year
With all eyes on both risk and return, we acknowledge those private equity experts who have displayed a true understanding of the private equity space and are passionate about helping Europe's pension funds get the most from this complex area of the market. Enter here

9. ETF Provider of the Year
ETFs are gaining ground as a useful investment tool among pension funds. This category aims to recognise those providers who have stayed ahead of the market to offer ETFs to pension funds and tailored their offerings to pension fund demands. Enter here

10. Emerging Markets Manager of the Year
Seeking out potential in the less developed markets is a challenging role at which only the best can succeed; yet for those that do, the rewards for European pension funds investing in this area can be great. This award recognises those managers that have shown a dedication to the emerging markets space with a view to achieving performance often in areas where information flow is in short supply. Enter here

11. Risk Management Firm of the Year
Effective risk management is now high up on the agenda for European pension funds bearing the burdens of increased risk, more stringent regulation, and a brighter spotlight on governance. We reward those firms that have assisted European pension funds in their quest for better risk management in this ever unpredictable economic landscape. Enter here

12. Currency Manager of the Year
Currency plays an increasingly important and diverse role in the pension fund portfolios today. This category will highlight those currency managers who have displayed a capability and an expertise in this sector. Enter here

13. LDI Manager of the Year
As longevity increases and markets continue to be unpredictable, Liability Driven Investment (LDI) has become one of the most popular buzzwords in pension scheme investment in today’s market. We reward those players who have excelled in their LDI offerings in an effort to assist European pension funds better match their assets with their liabilities going forward. Enter here

14. Multi-asset Manager/Provider of the Year
The role of multi-asset products has grown in importance in recent years, as providers strive to meet the diverse needs of pension funds. We assess the best of the best in this increasingly competitive investment space. Enter here

15. ESG/SRI Provider of the Year
European pension funds are becoming increasingly aware of the impact ESG and / or SRI can have on their portfolio returns. This award will recognise the leaders in this significant and increasingly sophisticated market. Enter here

16. Fiduciary Management
The concept of Fiduciary Management has taken the Dutch pensions market by storm, and is now penetrating other parts of Europe. This award will commend those firms that have led the way in the fiduciary management space, tailoring their offerings to today's pension funds' needs. Enter here

17. European Pensions Law Firm of the Year
Many legal firms across Europe offer services for pension funds, but not all show a dedication to understanding the complexities facing pension funds in these challenging times. This award will award the firm that stands out in its dedication to understanding the complexities of pensions legislation, and works with its clients to see them through the legal maze. Enter here

18. Custodian or Transition Management Firm of the Year
The role of the transition manager has become more acute as pension funds seek help in negotiating the minefield of moving to more complex investment strategies in order to meet increasing market demands. This award will reward those firms that have proved themselves experts in the transition management space and are a cut above the rest. The role of the pension fund custodian is an ever changing one, as products and services evolve to match changing pension fund needs. This award will recognise those custodians that have proved themselves as leaders in this market with their excellence, innovation and dedication to meeting European pension funds’ demands in today’s market. Enter here

19. Pensions Insurance Firm of the Year
This category will recognise performance in providing bulk annuities, longevity insurance and other pensions insurance structures to address the ongoing derisking needs of pension funds throughout Europe. Enter here

20. Pension Scheme Administrator of the Year
The key role of the administrator is often overlooked but without an excellent administration service the pension fund member could not receive the level of service they deserve. This award recognises those administrators that have gone beyond the minimum standards required to offer a truly value added service to their clients. Enter here

21. Pensions Technology Provider of the Year
Effective and reliable pensions technology is essential for the successful running of any pension fund. This award will recognise those firms that are leaders in the field of pensions technology, and ultimately reward who is the best of the best. Enter here

22. European Pensions Innovation Award
This award will recognise those firms that have brought innovation to the pensions market-place, be it through a particular product, service offering or overall business approach. This category is designed in response to market volatility and to recognise those firms that have responded to market pressures with originality and creativity. Enter here

23. Master Trust Offering of the Year
Master trusts have taken the market by storm, as pension funds continue to look for ways to control their costs without compromising on quality and governance. We look at who is ahead of the game in this space. Enter here

24. Factor Investing Offering of the Year
This award recognises those firms that have a true understanding of the role factor investing can play in pension portfolios today and have demonstrated a true expertise in implementing this dynamic strategy. Enter here

25. European Pension Fund of the Year
Pension provision across Europe has never been more challenging with increasing longevity, unpredictable markets and an increased spotlight on governance and risk management. We reward those pension funds across Europe who continue to tackle these challenges head on. This category is open to any pension fund that operates either in one or multiple European countries, or has a pan European presence. Enter here

26. Best Investment Strategy Award
Getting the investment strategy right is one of the biggest challenges a pension fund needs to overcome, particularly given the current economic environment. We reward those of Europe’s pension funds that have implemented an investment strategy that sets the standards for the industry to follow. This category is open to any pension fund that operates in one or multiple European countries, or has a pan European presence. Enter here

27. Pension Fund Communication Award
An excellent pensions offering is wasted if the member communication applied fails to deliver. This category awards the pension funds that have used innovation and flair to get their member communication proposition the best it can be and has the results to prove it. This category is open to any pension fund that operates in one or multiple European countries, or has a pan European presence. Enter here

28. Pension Fund Innovation Award
Innovation has been rife in the European pensions space, be that in the area of investment, product design, de-risking or any other area. This award aims to reward those pension funds across Europe that have truly added value to the pensions space with their originality and innovation. This category is open to any pension fund that operates in one or multiple European countries, or has a pan European presence. Enter here


29. Diversity Award
This award goes to the pension provider that has shown a true understanding of the importance of diversity in today's climate, either in the way it has shaped its business, its product offering or otherwise. Enter here

30. Marketing Campaign of the Year 
This award recognises those firms, pension funds or associations that have developed leading-edge, relevant and effective marketing campaigns in the European pensions / institutional investmentspace, which aim to raise awareness of their specific offerings to the market, or raise awareness of a particular theme. Enter here


31. Personality of the Year

This award (voted for by our readers) aims to recognise those individuals that are truly making their mark in the European pensions space. Nominees can include anyone who has had an influential role in the European pension sphere - be they a government representative, someone from a pensions association, someone working for a service provider (such as an asset manager or a consultant), or someone working for a pension fund. To nominate someone for the Personality award, please explain in 100 words or more why you would like to nominate this person along with a large, high resolution photograph of your nominee.

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