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Monday 21 January 2019


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Swiss fund markets increase by CHF32bn over April

Written by Natalie Tuck

The Swiss fund market increased by CHF 32bn over April rising to CHF 1,137.3bn, according to data compiled by Swiss Fund Data AG and Morningstar.

The Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association (SFAMA) said this corresponds to a 2.8 per cent increase. Net inflows in April 2018 totalled CHF 2.2bn. Bond funds were out in front with inflows of CHF 1.2bn, followed some distance behind by commodity funds with CHF 472.5m and asset allocation funds in third place with CHF 388.5m.

Only two fund categories suffered outflows, and these were minimal: others (- CHF 97.1m) and money market funds (- CHF 73.0m). There were no changes in the ranking of the most popular asset classes: equity funds 42.12 per cent, bond funds 30.92 per cent, asset allocation funds 11.79 per cent, and money market funds 8.17 per cent.

The volume of assets entrusted by investors in Switzerland to the fund industry came to CHF 1,137.3bn in April 2018 (March 2018: CHF 1,105.4bn).

“The stock markets recovered from their two-month slump in April, returning to positive territory. This led to an increase in volumes on the Swiss fund market. Inflows of new money into investment funds continued and were in fact higher than in March,” SFAMA managing director Markus Fuchs, explained.

The CHF lost 1.81 per cent against the euro and 3.87 per cent against the US dollar.

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