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Wednesday 14 November 2018


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Majority of Dutch employees would like to work less before retirement

Written by Tineke de Vries

Over half of Dutch people, 56 per cent, want to work less in the years before their retirement, it has been found.

Research by the Money Wise Platform found that, on average, people would like start scaling back on work during the last 4.5 years before the state pension age.

The research, carried out among more than 1,000 Dutch employees between 55 and 67 years, found that in that period, salary will still be the most important source of income for 38 per cent of respondents. For 21 per cent, scaling back on work will be funded by savings, while 23 per cent wants to bring forward a part of their retirement savings.

More than two-thirds of employees (69 per cent) said they would like to stop working earlier or scale back on the number of working hours ahead of their retirement. To make this financially possible, the part-time pension could be a solution. However, the research found that only 39 per cent of 55-67-year-olds are familiar with the part-time pension.

After explanation, 26 per cent expects to utilise the part-time pension if it is available to them, while 42 per cent expects to not utilise it. Reasons given for this include that they believe the financial consequences to be too big, that they have accrued too few retirement savings, or that they still enjoy working too much.

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