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Saturday 15 December 2018


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Dutch life expectancy three months lower in 2023

Written by Tineke de Vries

The life expectancy of Dutch 65-year-olds has decreased to 20.5 years in
2023, according to the latest figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

This is 13.5 weeks shorter than the prognosis of last year.

The CBS says the new prognosis is lower than that of 2016 (20.5 years versus 20.7 years) because the new estimate includes more recent mortality rates. In the last twelve months more people passed away than was accounted for in the prognosis of 2016.

At the moment 65-year-olds have on average another 19.8 years to live. That life expectancy is more than five years higher than it was half a century ago.

The CBS prognosis is used to calculate the future state pension age. Last year the calculations resulted in an increase of the state pension age to 67 years and three months in 2022.

The latest prognosis will be used to calculate the state pension age for 2023. It is therefore expected it won’t have to increase any further.

CBS demographer Jan Latten told Het Financieele Dagblad: “The government decides the next course of action, but based on the methodology used you can already predict that they will decide not to increase the state pension age in 2023.”

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