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Friday 22 February 2019


Dutch employees of AzkoNobel to stike over €400m pension payments

Written by Theo Andrew

Employees of the multi-national company AkzoNobel have begun a strike after Dutch trade unions requested the firm to pay an additional €400m into its pension fund.

The strike began a 6am today, Wednesday 11 July 2018, across two locations in Sassenheim and Wapenveld and is led by the trade union FNV Process Industry.

According to the trade union, employees are also looking for an existing social plan to be extended until 2022.

FNV Process Industry director, Erik de Vries, said: “Last weekend, the unions contacted AkzoNobel and offered openings to find a solution. However, it did not reach an agreement, AkzoNobel did not make any commitments. Previously, the employees rejected the company's final offer.”

The trade union delivered an ultimatum to AzkoNobel on Friday, however the business failed to respond, making strikes “inevitable”.

Additionally, the FNV are demanding a salary increase of 3.5 per cent and a one off payment of €2,500, as well as demands on sustainable employability.

The union is asking for a work guarantee of five years for the workers of the sold Speciality Chemicals business.

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