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Saturday 23 March 2019


Digital pension communication favoured by Dutch youth

Written by Tineke de Vries

Dutch people from 18 to 37 years would like to make changes or ask questions about their pension via app or chat, pension provider BeFrank concludes based on research into communication needs.

Digital communication channels such as WhatsApp, chat bots and online portals are essential when making changes to one’s pension or when asking a question to the pension provider.

People between 37-57 years prefer to communicate about their pension via e-mail, telephone or an adviser, while younger generations (18-37 years) prefer, besides e-mail and telephone, chat bots, a mobile app or WhatsApp. Younger generations do not mention the adviser at all.

The youngest generation (18-24 years) would also like to be notified by app or chat if anything changes in their pension. The older generations prefer to receive those messages via post, mail or a notification in an online portal.

The research also shows that youngsters know very little about their pension. Only 13 per cent can name their pension provider. Among the oldest generation surveyed, this figure is at almost 60 per cent. Younger generations also barely know what type of pension arrangement they have and how much they have saved so far.

“Pensions is not a subject that’s of much interest to the younger generation,” BeFrank concludes. “This makes it even more important to ensure that the communication channels are aligned to this generation,” says BeFrank commercial director Jan Hein Rhebergen. He adds that customer satisfaction increases if a pension provider offers online services.

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