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Wednesday 24 April 2019


Belgian minister calls for part-time retirement solution by 2020

Written by Sunniva Kolostyak

Pension minister Daniel Bacquelaine wants to make it possible for Belgians to retire part-time from 2020, newspaper Sudpresse said.

The Mouvement Réformateur (MR) minister told the paper he has listened to the employees “who wish to take things a little easier and are no longer able to continue working full-time”.

He plans on submitting the proposal in October and said the proposal should be voted over quickly to have it implemented no later than 2020.

“This is a major reform that I really like and that will come out very quickly,” Bacquelaine told Sudpresse.

“Too often, people tell me that they are a little sad about taking early pension. They would like a gentler transition as they no longer feel able to continue working full time.

“Many have asked me to allow a more progressive system. I hear them and have created the part-time board.”

People will be able to retire from the age of 60 as long as they qualify for early retirement – from 2019, anyone who has worked for 44 years. The system would only apply for public and private employees, but self-employed are also being considered.

“Since people are still working, rights will also be accrued for a full pension. Each year will count for half a year,” Bacquelaine said.

He told the newspaper that if the opposition is cooperative, the system could even enter into force in early July 2019.

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