Swedish Pensions Agency to send out 5.9 million orange envelopes

The Swedish Pensions Agency will start its annual mailing campaign of orange envelopes on Monday, 10 February, to 5.9 million pension savers.

It will also mark the start of a one month-long information campaign on pensions. The orange envelopes have been sent out annually since 1999, with information targeted to savers based on their age.

Swedish Pensions Agency communications agency, Carl-Magnus Löfström, explained that savers receive information on what affects their pension the most. They are also told that a comprehensive picture of their pension is available by logging on to the agency’s website.

“A new feature in this year’s orange envelope is for those aged between 26-40, who will be able to read about the possibility of making sustainable fund choices at the pension agency’s Fund Square, a service that was launched last year,” Löfström said.

The orange envelopes include information about what impacts the size of pensions, the ways in which pensions are built up, and recipients are encouraged to log on to the agency’s website.

“If you understand that the size of your pension is affected by how much you earn throughout your life, whether you have an occupational pension, and at what age you can take your pension, then you have good pensions knowledge,” Swedish Pensions Agency pension specialist, Agneta Claesson.

As well as the annual report, those over 40 will receive information on the retirement age, and those over 54 will be able to read about the basic pension.

A month-long long information campaign also begins on Monday, 10 February, aimed at those in the middle of their lives who are curious about opening their orange envelopes.

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