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Saturday 07 December 2019


47% of French citizens against pension reforms

Written by Natalie Tuck

Forty-seven per cent of French citizens are not in favour of the government’s planned pension reforms, according to a poll conducted by Elabe.

This is an increase of four percentage points compared to a study conducted by Elabe in early October. Twenty-nine per cent are in favour of the pension reforms, with 23 per cent indifferent.

Broken down into more detail, 26 per cent are very opposed, 21 per cent are quite opposed, whereas 22 per cent are quite favourable, 7 per cent are very favourable.

Opposition to the reforms is most commonly from those aged 24-34 (48 per cent), 35-49 (58 per cent) and 50-49 (52 per cent) who are still in the workforce. For those over 65 years old, 47 per cent are in favour of the reforms, an increase of 2 percentage points on the last survey.

Young people aged 18-24 are divided between indecision (36 per cent), opposition (35 per cent) and support (27 per cent). Compared to the beginning of October, it is among the 25-34 and the 35-49 age group where the largest decline in support for the reform has been.

Politically, pension reform continues to split between Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon voters, who are respectively 60 per cent (-4) and 52 per cent (-5) in favour of reform.

On the other hand the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon , Benoît Hamon and Marine Le Pen, are 75 per cent (+10), 62 per cent (-2) and 67 per cent (+7), respectively, opposed to the reforms.

In addition, over a third of French people have said they are ready to take action against the pension reform. A further two-thirds of French believe that mobilization against pension reform will be the start of a large-scale social movement.

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