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Thursday 16 August 2018


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Dutch pension funds invest 12.4% of assets in the Netherlands

Written by Tineke de Vries

Dutch pension funds have assets of €1.224bn, of which €152bn (12.4 per cent) is invested in the Netherlands.

For insurance companies this figure is 40.1 per cent (€193bn), according to research by the Dutch Investment Institution (NLII).

The majority of the Dutch investments of pension funds consist of fixed income at €103bn. This is comprised of €54bn in government bonds, followed by €23bn in credits.

Pension schemes allocate relatively a lot to the Netherlands within their real estate, mortgage loans and government bonds portfolios.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, 22 per cent (€25bn) of the total investments in real estate was allocated to the Netherlands, followed by fixed income (17.7 per cent) and infrastructure (16.1 per cent, €3,2bn). Investments allocated to equities (2.2 per cent, €8.7bn) and private equity (5.6 per cent, 2.6bn) were most often invested outside the Netherlands.

The figures are part of the first in-depth research into domestic investments by Dutch pension funds and insurance companies by the NLII, which was set up two years ago to get more pension and insurance premiums invested in the Netherlands.

Responding to the figures, Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp said pension funds should invest more in the Netherlands.

“The percentage of pension funds should more closely resemble that of the insurers,” Kamp said at an NLII congress in Amsterdam. “If pension funds invest 12.4 per cent in the Netherlands while the rest goes abroad, then we should be able to discuss this. Especially considering how stable the Dutch economy is.”

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